Remodeling Your Bathroom?

The new bathroom furniture concept for unlimited custom potential

Remodeling your bathroom, be it just upgrading cabinetry, modernizing tiling, his/her sinks or even just texturing and painting, can prove to be a larger project than originally anticipated. Mishaps and hurdles are very common when taking on a remodeling job of any scale which is why it’s very important to invest in a company that has vast experience in identifying problems when renovating a bathroom and determining a viable solution. A1 Kitchen and Remodeling  is a renowned company in the remodeling industry that not only embraces innovative renovations, but pioneers them as well. Having a great amount of experience in all facets of bathroom remodeling, tiling, backsplash, vanity upgrades, bathtub updates, custom cabinetry and sink repair/replacement, we are more than equipped to surpass competitors and make your dream bathroom remodel a reality!

Bath by Puntotre

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